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IconLover allows you to edit any icon or cursor file, or create new ones from scratch. However, you can also use this tool as a functional image editor, thanks to its numerous functions and features. You can use IconLover to create animated GIFs or icons from your photos or image files in no time. The program can create icons for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and several other platforms.

Every time you run IconLover, you will see a window offering you lots of professional-looking icons with many themes and sizes. Those icons, however, are for sale, and the window in question turns really annoying after running the program a few times. And that window shows up not only when you run IconLover, but when you close it, too.

Once you reach the program's main window, it will show you a welcome menu with shortcuts to several helpful tasks. These include creating a new icon from scratch or from an image file, editing an existing icon or image file, and extracting all the icons from your PC automatically. The program includes lots of image editing tools, and allows you to add many effects to your icons or image files. They include a pencil, a paint brush, an airbrush, an eraser, and others. Besides, you can add text, lines, curved lines, and shapes to your image and rotate or flip it, just to mention some of the most important features.

In a nutshell, IconLover is much more than a simple icon editor. It is a comprehensive image editor that will allow you to edit from icons to big photos in the same easy way.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Can be used as a functional image editor
  • Allows you to create animated GIFs
  • Capable of creating icons for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and other platforms
  • Includes a welcome menu with shortcuts to the most helpful functions
  • Allows you to create icons from your photos or image files


  • Shows an annoying icon advertising window every time you run or close the program
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